Thursday, November 19, 2009


Dedicated to all the lost souls out there.....

Eyes that betray an emptiness for a thousand miles,
the cigarette that burn to the end of all notion of feeling,
How much you were the bright sun of our lives,
The silent murder of the blackening eclipse,
Circumstance be the bloodied daggers in their hands,
The numbness of our souls be the walls that shut us in.

And you are but a ghost to all,
with blank stare against traffic,
with one broken arm raised for salvation,
You signal the alarm in your defense,
Is there any of us willing to listen,
We with our libraries of conceit and respectability,
We, like you, who are as dead to our own guttural madness.

And to you who roam Stockholm bleeding on the alleyways with abject misery,
warbling old songs like a bird with it's wings hammered to the ground,
With tears you tried to access...
the cold ashes of dreams deferred,
Wasting away to cadaverous LSD parties in Cambridge,
A roman candle burning to the oblivion of all excesses,
'No shelter!' Screamed the radio as the whole the world burns,
Even more so now as we all don the bloodied masks of our politics,
Another pathway to the dream,
Empty sterile clinical white as good as a morgue.

But there perhaps others that are willing to breach it all,
The last man standing against the post modernist jugernaut fueled by litanies of tears,
With fists clenched and heads up high to the blood red skies,
Death be of no consequence to the man that wishes to lose it all,
Indeed he had lost it all,
From hospital corridors of Cheras
to the Elysian Fields of eternity,
No wall keeps us down,
The rusted cage of our own list of personal self hated broken down.
We all wear the new robes to a Greater Righteousness,
The past of our despairs be buried never to return,
We who have now found relevance!
We who have now found closure!

Friday, October 23, 2009


I am surprised. I guess I shouldn't be... considering I should know their inherent pattern of their conceit. A certain local politician's maintainance that ' too many parties may only split the people' hits another nail the the proverbial head. of their wishes for a silent majority for their bidding.

I have said it again, and I shall say it again; these people have no inkling of what democracy is. Their conceit, tempered with the dogmatism of Asian autocracy, decrees that they are the true 'light' of the people; assuming for us the decisions and even intellectual thought so that the powers that be could be consolidated by means of repression. You may say I am drastic for saying this , but the pattern is same everywhere. From a Noam Chomsky anarchist standpoint, every power seeks the legitimize and justify power through every means, be it in unscrupulous means.

To say that we do not need to many political parties is one way saying, in not to many words, 'shut-up and get on with your life.' Every sector of society has their own grouses and needs to be addressed . In this, political parties an special interest organizations are formed to meed the needs ; to even bring about a voice of representation in government. for their individual communities. More than often, political groups are borned of malignant self interest. In view of this, let us strong remind ourselves the true idea of setting up an political party.

I take into task all you practicing politicians and those aspiring to be one the reasons why you are here... I have stated this over and over; that the politician are not over-glorified civil servants privy to any perks of the jobs. YOU are to serve the people, to meet the needs of the Rakyat that has taken their time and effort during election day to elect you. All this in the simple hope of making a difference in the scene. If you are found not doing your job, you might as well go clean away your offices and prepare to go over to another lucrative vocation. For the role of an elected official requires a radical sense of selflessness and sacrifice which even transcends even the rules and regulations of the party itself. For you are not a slave to the politics of the party, but a servant of the people!

And to say tha to many parties may split the people... one cannot simply say that the whole general consensus is united in unformed thought. I suppose its wishful thinking that would make the job easier for them. But alas, it is not the case!
To assume this is a gross miscalculation. for the views of the people are varied and more so reflecting of their individual concerts for their very own situations. Marginalize them and you will get a situation ripe for open revolt. . We have seen how this ignorance had played a part in the forming of Hindraf last year., in which the needs of Indian community was not addressed . In this the right of the individual to voice out and organize is extremely vital, not for protest and revolutions sake but merely the democratic right of the public to inform the government of the needs to be addressed. The government should not fear it as the question of their authority. But simply as a reminder and constructive criticism in which all stands to benefit from it.

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Note of Encouragement to All

I know things are looking dismal, particularly in the political scene in this here shores.
But I urge you all to be optimistic and move on to the next objective. We are done crying over the spilt milk. We have bickered far too often for our own good. The fight against justice and hatred is still in the air. Let us all fix our eyes to the greater prize.
We can look at the defeat at Bagan Pinang as a bitter pill to be taken. Do not underestimate the tactics of BN. Theirs is an well oiled machine that cynically appeases the populist sentiment. We know dammed well they themselves are only capable in just name checking the crucial issues without actually doing anything in the long run. In this, Pakatan needs to avail themselves in being hands on. No pussy-footing the issue. We want action now!

This also goes to show it is also up to us the voter to take note in what is happening in the world outside. I know you all are discouraged. You should know better not to; for true power lies not at the hands of elected officials. Here is the role of democracy that we are simply ignorant about. It is not, by right of culture, privy to those living in the first world countries; But a general right to all to voice their collective grievances. That is what constitutes to be a working efficient democracy, this privilege we call THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's Time to Re-evaluate!

It’s been something that in my mind for a very long time... Recent events in this here country has very much strengthened this. The notion of the masses being held sway to the movement and the party at the expense of plain common sense is something as old as human fallacy itself. We place our faiths in the party and the men in office, hoping in their hands the rules of class and destiny might be reversed, only to have these dreams crushed blatantly in compromise after compromise. We could have learned, through the passages of human history that the individual man would progress into a being capable of individual though and discernment. Not so, for it would seem time after time we make the same mistake again. The mistake of blind faith towards mere mortals capable of turning to the bad, a mistake all to human in all of us.

Mind you this is not piece I write now in frustration. I cannot really say the recent defeat in Pulau Pinang could attributed to electoral conspiracy or whatnot. But here I give you my earnest take on the general idea of the cult of personality. We pride ourselves in being a democratic nation, of every individual exercising their liberal right in actually having a brain in making the choices that matter. We may pride ourselves in being socialist or conservative. But what are the motives for our beliefs? Does it hit a raw nerve in our psyche or are we simply mesmerized by a leader that oozes populist charisma? In this carries a greater responsibility. We chant the slogans and carry the banners not for the sake in looking fashionably radical but to serve of the greater purpose in bridging the divide between class and individual. It is all a collective effort in which even the party leader could not idly watch by the sidelines. I dare ask them this, if you are for a legit democracy, why are you not out there making a difference?

No political party, be left or right, mainline or opposition have a full say to the matters in the heart. In the core of it every moment desires the better life for every individual. It would only take feeble minded PR people to use populist sentiments such as race and religion to stir up a reaction which would only be detrimental to what is considered positive progress. It is simply another low method of propaganda in which the powers that be in the medieval ages controlled their serfs. The method of divide and conquer which would only fester into cancerous xenophobia. In this, it is wise to read between the lines and know what is concocted and what the plain truth is. What is printed might not be necessarily the full story.

I urge you all now to break off with the nonsense that is partisan tribalism. We would all be clamoring in issues that come time to time, briefly united to fight the common foe. We may also speak of revolutions and change. But where is the resolution? Let it be known that the real players in this system are US, the Rakyat! We do not bow to a political party’s statements and aims or even their covert agendas. This is what constitutes to be the truest form of democracy, where one would be able to make up their minds and voice their agreements or grievances. Yes. We have our idols and leaders. But they too are human. To elevate them to a godlike status is nothing short of a great overstatement. They are here for a time and season. But what matters most is the fundamental aims of fairness, equality and justice amongst all. It is not just something us South East Asians are seeking , but the fundamental right of all.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Open Door?

Batang Ai is up for grabs. No one is doing any speculating for now.But if the rakyat gets their heads together, this might as well be the first crack at the domination of White Beard's BN backed empire. You might as well scoff at the notion. But one never expect miracles until the very defining moment.

Have we been so dammed content being under White Beard's beck and call; all this as he
and his cronies suck whatever resources out for their own financial gains? It is rather amusing
they are confident of their eventual 'win'. But countless Sarawakians cannot be wrong; for
the joke is starting to get old.

It is fair to me to say that Malaysia as a whole is at the crux of unspeakable change that will shakewhatever we are taught to believe. Yes. Peg me as a uncurable optimist. But to stand there and be self-rightiously cynical about things will not amount to shit. It is the old order's culture to keep the young from dreaming big things; to settle for an inferrior immitation of the good life while all the insides of your soul rot away to the state sponsored malaise of fickle gossip-entertainment.

Call me guilty of being a dreamer. If I were a sin in your eyes, i'll definetely take the mantle of being of what you deem a heretic.

How much our local Sarawakian media is trying to paint a rosy picture! Laughable! Ha! How much people like Alfred Jabu would use his stock down-to-earth roots talk to cajole voters from the interior; at times tapping at pantang to perhaps give them the heebie jeebies. The Nietzchian
idea of politics holds sway in the hearts of these hopelessly morally bankcrupt lap dogs. " Give me your votes so I can live on the rakyats federal revenue! " It's ironic it is these types of conservatives who complain and moan of federal welfare as a means of making the people lazy!
Elected slackers in office? Hell yeah!

What one sees in Perak is merely the infantile attempts of dying regime to legitamalize itself. Talk about their profuse sweats of desperation as they scramble for damage control. Even in Kuching town, forces are at play to try to discredit Chong Jien Jen right as a fairly elected representative of the Rakyat. You may accuse of me being in conspiracy theory overdrive. I do not have any smidgen of proof. But ask a man down the street that. It's obvious to us its the very rancid stench of politricks in the air.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Good news, for once.

And the brave and righteous fight back.

V Sivakumar, to most, seems to be a man bent desperation. You can say he is trying to break
the democratic process by barring the new BN MB. I shall resprect you stance of taking the middle ground. I have one problem with your argument though... the notion that recent events in Perak were all fruits of democracy is frankly laughable and highly misleading. The BN spin machine has tried tried to paint a picture of Truth prevailing for the sakes of the noble BN party. Wishfull thinking my dear sirs, even a fool could figure the glaring lie behind your PR smiles.

I shall make my stance in this very plain; Sivakumar has gone to the point where he shall not stand for this very obvious contempt the House... the total disrespect of democracy itself; all this by means of money politics and selfish ambitions at the expense of the Rakyat. BN may argue that it's rights as 'legally elected' officials has been demeaned. But it does takes any criminal to try to paint himself as the victim. BN was never the victim. It just so happens that the crook has found himself an oppsotion, what better way for a coward to defend himself by using the time honored 'oppressed do-gooder' ticket!

News of Elizabeth Wong's plight is making it's rounds as the most talked about topics, even here in Sarawak. Instead of giving BN the needed ammo to discredit Pakatan, it has ellicited a surge of sympathy from the public; as well as opening up to them the true nature of BN's running dog tactics of sleaze and corruption. We have seen now how individuals like Khir Toyo try to profess viritue and morality, only to have it back-fire to their faces, even earning ire from their colleagues from the ranks. Such politricks could only carry the proud and conceited far. But in the day, these same people would have to find a dammed good excuse to explain to multitudes who are right now reaching the end of their wanning patience.

Don't mess with us, mr. politician. For we have the right of the to VOTE YOU OUT!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's Not Gonna Work, Bro.

How could you sleep saying all this things,
To say that we should "face the facts"
To let the powers rob us blind,
Making mockery to Law and common sense?

Do we have the right to question question?
To ensure that our vote is not in vain,
be it the left or of the right.
The fact is the MP is supposed to do their job!

So do you'd think we stand by the coup of the eventual defeated,
their ploys to buy the seats of this fair land,
Quantity over the obvious lack of quality,
How much the mark of their dirty politics
will be the shoes that will slam them out!

For they do not have armies to answer to,
But the whole lot of us unwashed,
the Rakyat of the Common Malaysian,
You have brought us down for the very last time,
Hear us! For we will have our redemption!